“Laura has an invaluable superpower: to clearly and enthusiastically see what an author *wants* to say, and then to give them concrete steps to hone their prose toward that. She treats every manuscript like a potential gem, regardless of how rough it is - and her stellar results show the value of her work. Through working with Laura, I found my enthusiasm for my project renewed, my clarity restored, and my ability to see the "big picture" of my manuscript - after years of attending to the minutiae - refreshed. I can't recommend Laura's services highly enough.”
—Postdoctoral Scholar, California

"Laura sees the forest and the trees, and her ability to make big-picture suggestions as well as more minute, detail-oriented ones makes for a wonderful combination in an editor. Her insightful and encouraging feedback helped me to hone in on my book’s main points and arguments, and, equally important, made me excited to revise my work. I recommend her highly and will definitely work with her again."
 --Associate Professor of Sociology, New York

"Laura has the remarkable skill of knowing what precisely needs to be said while adding to the creativity of my work and writing. It is really a gift to work with someone who can inspire clarity of thought and ingenuity."
--Assistant Professor of Black Studies and History, California

"Laura has a rare gift for editing at multiple levels at the same time: she can simultaneously read for and improve grammar, conceptual clarity, and structure.  These skills have shone through in all the feedback she has offered me, including multiple journal articles and chapters from my monograph.  They are also on display in her own eminently lucid writing.  Her work as an editor is always thorough, patient, and constructive, and she is consummately professional.  I recommend her in the highest terms."
--Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Studies, New Jersey

”Laura provided the perspective that my manuscript needed to make the jump from a dissertation to a book. Her insightful comments and thought-provoking questions helped me flesh out the main arguments of the work in its disciplinary setting and enabled me expand them to appeal to a much broader audience. What I really appreciated about Laura's comments and what I think made them the most effective was her willingness to engage in conversation about her edits and create strategies for their effective implementation. In the end, I was really glad I decided to work with Laura and would wholeheartedly recommend her for those seeking help with their writing.”--Assistant Professor of German and Digital Humanities, Michigan

"Laura offered practical and prompt advice that made a difference to how people perceive my book. It is a great idea to receive help when you’re in the weeds, weighed down by your own knowledge."
--Cognitive scientist, California

"Laura offered both incisive and valuable feedback on my writing, much of which really needed a lot of help. I'm glad it got that help from her. She has both the breadth of knowledge necessary to grasp the essence of most academic writing and the editing chops to make that writing sing."
--Assistant Professor of Media Culture, New York

"Laura’s input proved vital in honing a number of major writing projects. She has an uncommonly good sense of how to bring out the key arguments in a paper or a chapter, and a keen eye for changes that make the meaning clearer and the language more graceful. I couldn’t recommend her more strongly."
--Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, Wisconsin

"Laura does stellar work. She truly has a gift. She sees connections in other people's work that they themselves cannot."
--Research Fellow in Cultural Studies, Portugal